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Van den Bosch Academy
A professional career as a driver or staff in the transport business starts at the Van den Bosch Academy. The trainings offered at the in-house training centre of Van den Bosch Transporten ensure that the level of quality of the service we provide keeps rising.
Your content. Your Event, Online!

At the above link, you see the basics how you can register an "event" at your own device. Before you follow the training movies, what is an "event"? (follow the link)
To solve the world’s planning puzzles using a single platform
Every business has its planning puzzles, some large, some complex, some seemingly impossible to solve. Quintiq’s vision is to solve every one using a single platform. That vision has driven the development of Quintiq software since the first line was coded back in 1997. Our vision is transforming the world’s supply chains.
Your content, Your training,
Use the Folder "01 Courses" to find your way in iLE@RN.
Good Luck!!
The sky is the limit!
Part of the training consists of a number of obligatory E-learning modules that a driver will take after he has started to drive on his own. 
The motive for all this is that Van den Bosch feels that the level of its drivers has to be higher and can be higher.
iLE@RN - Learning where and when it suits you. 

As everyone learns in his own way, at his own pace and especially in his own time, Van den Bosch Transporten has worked with e-learning since 2008. It is a modern and interactive way of learning. The Advantages - Anyone can do it. At his own pace, with breaks when he wants or needs them. Manageable texts combined with sound, pictures and exercises. The trainings are adjustable to current (company) information. Everyone receives the same information so there cannot be any misunderstanding. Available for anyone with an internet connection.


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